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05-16-2015, 04:40 PM
Dear all,

We've recently had several threads posted to us in the Forum Support (http://www.anthrogenica.com/forumdisplay.php?17-Forum-Support) section regarding threads that have been perceived by some users to "disappear" or be "missing". In both instances, the threads had simply been moved to other subsections in Anthrogenica that were deemed to be more appropriately placed by members of staff.

This pinned thread seeks to clarify the internal "clean up" policy we have consistently maintained since launch.

General Points

Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of our Terms of Service (ToS) outline who is responsible for thread and post content management:

1.1 The administrators of Anthrogenica support the forum both technically and financially. Their role within the community extends into moderation duties as well as the above. Registered members are advised that administrators must only be contacted directly if the query can generally be deemed to be significant in nature or beyond the scope of the channels provided publicly on Anthrogenica (Section 2.5).

1.2 Moderators on Anthrogenica are appointed by the administration and are active indefinitely. If a moderator decides to step down from their post, a two week notice is required to provide the administration time to find a suitable replacement. Moderator responsibilities include basic forum maintenance and the delivery of infractions, including suspensions and bans. Furthermore, moderators have access to user IP addresses. However, moderators do not have any access to personal user data. ...

The staff (admins and mods) at Anthrogenica operate in a cooperative manner with the majority of decisions with respect to basic forum maintenance, which includes post/thread deletion, editing and moving, alongside decisions relating to member infractions. Routine tasks (post/thread deletion, editing and moving) are occasionally undertaken per the discretion of individual staff members and reported internally.

At present, our forum maintenance policy with respect to threads is as follows:
- To close them if the content is deemed inappropriate for this forum's scope (genetics and anthropology), closure is requested or a discussion has been deemed by the administration to have run its' course.
- To delete them if they are wholesale repetition (usually done by accident) or originating from spambot accounts.
- If threads are moved, a redirect notice of varying timespan (1 week - 1 month) is set in place. A "Moved" disclaimer is automatically generated next to the thread title, as shown below:


As defined by section 3.1 of the ToS, threads are not deleted, closed or otherwise modified on the basis of member expression alone, provided the content does not breach other sections:

3.1 Anthrogenica ardently supports the reasonable exercise of freedom of speech. Forms of expression considered unreasonable are detailed in Sections 3.2-3.12 below. No censorship of an individual's ethnic, political, religious, sexual or ideological expression will therefore be taken by the administration/moderation provided the expression in question is not found to be in violation of the rules.

So, Where Did My Thread Go?

Several situations are described here:

1) Threads were recently moved and redirects were still active but, due to an oversight on the member's behalf, the "Moved" label was not noticed. This remains the case for both the threads recently moved from the General Sociology/Ethnology (http://www.anthrogenica.com/forumdisplay.php?113-General-Sociology-Ethnology) section to Current Affairs (http://www.anthrogenica.com/forumdisplay.php?14-Current-Affairs). The administration has double-checked and confirms regular members can plainly see the label in place.

2) Following the above, depending on either content or thread direction, they may be moved to our Current Affairs subsection. After receiving feedback from the community (http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?2439-Community-Poll-Current-Affairs-Section-s-Future), this area currently has an opt-in procedure (http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?2496-Current-Affairs-Section-How-to-Opt-In&p=38462&viewfull=1#post38462) in place. Members who are not currently opted in will see the following message (which will disappear once they have opted-in):


3) Threads were moved in the past and the redirects set have since expired. Contacting a member of staff regarding this after a forum-wide search has been carried out is the appropriate next step.

We hope this satisfactorily addresses the matter for our members. Thank you for your time.