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05-21-2015, 02:21 AM
There aren't many public Irish genomes and Davidski doesn't have any Irish results in his ANE K8 spreadsheet. I've noticed there are some Irish posters at Anthorgencia though, so can you guys post your ANE K8 results and where in Ireland your ancestors came from?

Below ANE K8 results of an guy from Southern Ireland who posted his results at the Eurogenes blog.










If my memory is correct the Irish who posted their ANE K8 results here usually scored 15% or more in ANE, which is very high for West Europe. The guy from South Ireland has results similar to Bronze age Unetice from Germany and Iron age Hinxton Celts from England. Anyways I'd say Irish are probably mostly descended of R1b-L21 rich Bronze age immigrants from Central Europe, like the German Bell Beaker R1b-P312 guy.

05-21-2015, 05:45 AM
Glad to help out. I've had mine and my mother done. Mother from Tipperary. Here is her K8.

ANE 0.161975
South_Eurasian 0.007057
Near_Eastern 0.386478
East_Eurasian 1E-005
WHG 0.443603
Oceanian 0.000857
Pygmy 1E-005
Sub-Saharan 1E-005

Lower Bound NE

ANE 0.160113
South_Eurasian 0.009684
Near_Eastern 0.349168
East_Eurasian 1E-005
WHG 0.479065
Oceanian 0.001939
Pygmy 1E-005
Sub-Saharan 1E-005

Mine (mother from Tipperary and father from Roscommon)

ANE 0.158429
South_Eurasian 0.00305
Near_Eastern 0.384229
WHG 0.453869
Oceanian 0.000393
Pygmy 1E-005
Sub-Saharan 1E-005

Lower bound NE

ANE 0.156524
South_Eurasian 0.005765
Near_Eastern 0.346246
East_Eurasian 1E-005
WHG 0.489913
Oceanian 0.001522
Pygmy 1E-005
Sub-Saharan 1E-005

05-21-2015, 11:44 AM
Dubthach and Rossa are both Irish and have posted their K8 results in this thread. I didn't want to copy their results to this thread without their permission.