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06-20-2015, 11:59 AM
Hi All,

Just re-reading Brian Sykes, and his concept of the Genghis Khan effect in the isles. Basically it appears that due to the island/isolated situation, only a few Y-lines were truly successful, dominated of course in most of the isles by R1b (specifically L21). He mentions more specific examples like the Niall story (M222) as well as Somerled.

This got me thinking (again!) about our L193 line. Surely, given its age, this could be another example. The question is, who was he? I've heard theories about the Britons of Strathclyde, but L193 seems pretty well spread over the whole of Scotland (maybe with a tendency towards the west?). This has led to speculation on Pictish origin, or maybe western Goedelic folks, with links to Argyll and Ireland. I've even heard theories of specific lines, such as the Cenel na Gabrain, or the House of Dunkeld, the Scottish royal line. What is fascinating is that the big explosion of L193, like many others, seems to chime in with the end of Roman rule in the isles, which left of course a huge power vacuum. Perfect for tribes and kin groups with big ambitions to stake their claims.

Are we any nearer more accurate speculation on this by now? Or does anyone have any guesses of their own?