View Full Version : Phenotype SNPs from prehistoric Eurasia

06-21-2015, 03:34 AM

Looks like one of the German Beakers is fixed for a red hair gene.

06-21-2015, 07:45 PM
"MCM6, rs182549, ability to digest milk

Afanasievo Russia RISE508 CC
Afanasievo Russia RISE509 CC
Afanasievo Russia RISE510 CC
Andronovo Russia RISE500 CT
Andronovo Russia RISE503 CC
Battle Axe Sweden RISE94 CC
Bell Beaker Germany RISE563 CC
Corded Ware Estonia RISE00 CC
Iron Age Russia RISE504 CC
Iron Age Russia RISE600 CC
Iron Age Russia RISE602 CC
Iron Age Sweden RISE174 CC
Karasuk Russia RISE493 CC
Karasuk Russia RISE495 CT
LBA Armenia RISE397 CC
MBA Armenia RISE423 CC
Nordic BA Denmark RISE47 CC
Nordic LN Sweden RISE179 CC
Nordic LN Sweden RISE97 CC
Nordic LN Sweden RISE98 TC
Nordic MN B Denmark RISE61 CC
Okuneva Russia RISE516 CC
Pit Grave Russia RISE547 CC
Pit Grave Russia RISE548 CC
Pit Grave Russia RISE552 CC
Remedello Italy RISE486 CC
Sintashta Russia RISE386 CC
Sintashta Russia RISE392 CC
Unetice Czech Republic RISE577 CC
Unetice Poland RISE109 CC
Vatya Hungary RISE247 CC
Vatya Hungary RISE254 CC
Vatya Hungary RISE479 CC
Vatya Hungary RISE483 CC
Vatya Hungary RISE484 CC"

06-21-2015, 07:48 PM
"EDAR, rs3827760, Mongoloid teeth, hair, etc.

Afanasievo Russia RISE509 AA
Andronovo Russia RISE500 GA
Andronovo Russia RISE512 GG
Battle Axe Sweden RISE94 AA
Bell Beaker Czech Republic RISE566 AA
Bell Beaker Czech Republic RISE568 AA
Bell Beaker Germany RISE559 AA
Bell Beaker Germany RISE563 AA
Corded Ware Estonia RISE00 AA
Corded Ware Germany RISE446 AA
Iron Age Russia RISE504 GA
Iron Age Russia RISE600 AG
Iron Age Russia RISE601 AA
Iron Age Sweden RISE174 AA
Karasuk Russia RISE493 AA
Karasuk Russia RISE494 AA
Karasuk Russia RISE495 AG
Karasuk Russia RISE499 AA
Karasuk Russia RISE502 AA
MBA Hungary RISE349 AA
Maros Hungary RISE373 AA
Meshovskaya Russia RISE525 AA
Nordic BA Denmark RISE47 AA
Nordic LBA Denmark RISE276 AA
Nordic LN Denmark RISE42 AA
Nordic LN Denmark RISE71 AA
Nordic LN Sweden RISE179 AA
Nordic LN Sweden RISE98 AA
Nordic MN B Denmark RISE61 AA
Okuneva Russia RISE516 GG
Pit Grave Russia RISE547 AA
Pit Grave Russia RISE548 AA
Pit Grave Russia RISE552 AA
Remedello Italy RISE487 AA
Sintashta Russia RISE392 AA
Sintashta Russia RISE394 AA
Unetice Czech Republic RISE577 AA
Unetice Poland RISE109 AA
Unetice Poland RISE154 AA
Vatya Hungary RISE247 AA
Vatya Hungary RISE479 AA
Vatya Hungary RISE483 AA"