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06-21-2015, 02:05 PM
. Intriguingly, individuals of the Bronze Age Okunevo culture from the Sayano-Altai region (Fig. 1) are related to present-day Native Americans (Extended Data Fig. 2d), which confirms previous craniometric studies30. This finding implies that Okunevo could represent a remnant population related to the Upper Palaeolithic Malíta hunter-gatherer population from Lake Baikal that contributed genetic material to Native Americans4
Allentoft - Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia

The Y DNA of Mal'ta was a basal type of R. Where were the long lines of Paleolithic R SNPs around 25000-18000 ybp, 18000-12000 ybp, 12000 to 5000 ybp ? What kind of populations ? What type of Y-DNA and aDNA can we find in the populations from Northern Iran, Southern Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia around 25000-12000 ybp ? The Yamnaya was a hybrid between ancient Mal'ta-Okunevo Siberian types and ancient Northwestern Asian types not available at the moment, the missing link. Only Southern Caspian, Northern Iranian, Southern Caucasian and Eastern Anatolian genomes from 25000-12000 ybp can make a real contrast with the Mal' ta and Okunevo types and they can be compared with Yamnaya.
Of course Y-DNA R basal lines were associated with Mal'ta-Okunevo types around 20000 ybp while the basal haplogroup Y-DNA J types aDNA were different.