View Full Version : Newbie R-269 (likely DF27+ and Z220+) Seeks Guidance.

06-22-2015, 07:18 AM
Hello Group,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the group (as your potential newest member) and I hope to get up to speed as quickly as possible because I have to admit I am still pretty green. I want to get into the technical STR, SNP, modals, etc. aspect of all of this, but, first I haven't quite "caught the DNA bug" yet and I think I might by instead first learning about the history of my ancient paternal ancestors through probable SNP matches current hypothesizes. Any links to articles or papers about the latest on D27 and/or 220+ would be greatly appreciated along with any ideas in regards to what SNPs to test. All I know so far is R1b/D27 is likely western europe and that is it!

What has been interesting thus far for me is I am 100% Polish (All 4 grandparents born and raised in Poland) both parents born in Poland and moved to U.S. when they were young. The family surname, which my father changed, was originally Hejza (but it could be a Polish spelling of a potentially german surname like Hess, Hesse, Heise, etc.). Hence, this is why I am floored by the western Europe aspect of my Y-DNA haplogroup and subclade. Any thoughts? One of my most tangible goals for this project is to change my surname back to either Hejza or the original german surname, if I can find it out. Wish me luck

I participated in the Nat. Geo. project 1.0 and I just received my FTDNA Y-DNA STR 67-Marker results back a few days ago. While I have only been confirmed on FTDNA R-M269, a nice gentleman on another forum stated that he thought since my "DYS437 = 14, DYS448 = 18 and GATA-H4 = 10 this "usually" indicates DF27 > Z196 > Z220. In fact, you seem to fit the criteria of what used to be called the R1b-North-South cluster." Again, I don't know what the R1b-North-South cluster is or have I read any papers about it, but would love to (also is there a new name for this group?). I hope I didn't jump the gun by posting in this thread. I was hoping to use Mr. Walsh's spreadsheet to determine which SNPs to test and the probably of various SNPs , based on only on my 67 STRs, but i haven't been able to figure it out yet. Any help in in regards to this would be greatly appreciated, as well.

My FTDNA STR matches have been less than ideal, thus far, with 0 matches at 67, 1 match at 37 (G.D. 3) and 4 at 25 (1 at G.D. 1, 2 at G.D. 2 and the aforementioned 37 match with a 25 match at 2 G.D.).

Thank you in advance for your help, advice, thoughts and for taking the time to bring another newbie up to speed. I'm not lazy and will read anything important or significant someone sends me.

Best Regards and I look forward to any responses.


06-23-2015, 02:34 AM
I responded to the same message on the DF27 haplogroup project's community forum, but in case you don't look there again, the N/S cluster is anything in that project currently beginning with the letter B and colored light green. Some of the other members of it have their MDKA in Poland. Or farther east.

06-28-2015, 03:11 AM
I took a look at your haplotype and it looks similar to a fellow with a very Scottish surname. Didn't calculate your GD but I you could be descended from a Scottish immigrant to Poland. Your surname also peaks in NW Poland which, if I remember correctly where R1b peaks in the country. I'd strongly suggest testing Z220.