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06-29-2015, 10:52 PM
Today, a project member posted on my project's Activity Feed:
I submitted and paid for MTDNA and Y-DNA and Haven't received the results.It's been six months now.

I went to his account's Order History, and found this:
mtDNA Plus
Ordered 10/15/2014 592
Batched 10/16/2014 592
Ordered 12/17/2014 601
Batched 12/18/2014 601

Notice that the tests are neither Completed nor Pending; they have simply vanished into Limbo. Likewise, they do not show up on my GAP's Pending Lab Results page.

I wrote to FTDNA via the "urgent" project email address, and received this response:
We emailed on Dec. 23 that we needed to confirm a mailing address to send a kit out for additional sample, but have never gotten a reply. The samples we had on hand did not pass quality controls.
If Mr. NN will verify that the following address is correct, we can send another kit out for new sample:

Am I the only one who considers this behavior totally unacceptable, on several different grounds? At the very least:
- FTDNA should place a big red warning on the account's main page, that a test cannot be completed due to lack of sample.
- FTDNA should mark the test as Pending or Waiting or some such. FTDNA should not silently remove the test from the GAP's Pending Lab Results page, because that's my only way to keep track of tests that are shockingly late.
- FTDNA should explain why a customer who submitted a fresh set of samples in August 2014 should have to submit another set of samples only a few months later, after only one completed test (Family Finder).

My family and friends say that I need to be more suspicious of people, so here's my suspicion:

I think FTDNA suffered a catastrophic loss of samples or data in late 2014, but refuses to admit it and is instead putting all the blame and burden on the customer--to the extent of hoping that customers will simply forget that they ordered tests!

07-09-2015, 05:29 AM
My family finder order, which I had ordered in Jan was continiously being cancelled and rebatched for six months straight. Needless to say, all the calls to customer support weren't very helpful to expedite the order. Eventually had to involve BBB. Luckily, they got the message once BBB contacted them, was able to get my results the next day. The experience left a bitter taste because was thinking about big-Y as the next step.