View Full Version : Anabarsky Dolgans: 40% E-M35

07-13-2015, 02:49 PM
Maybe nobody knows that Dolgans (a Turkic people) from Anabarsky district in the Sakha Republic have a frequency of E-M35 as high as 40%. In the Additional file 5 you can find this info, which has been covered up by the authors of the study by sampling more Dolgans, from Taymyr, and pooling them together with Anabarsky Dolgans. The sample size of Anabarsky Dolgans may appear low (n = 10), but this is not the case if we acknowledge the fact that Dolgans in Sakha Republic are as few as circa 2000 individuals.

Unfortunately they only tested a handful of Y-STRs, so the haplotypes all appear to be identical (as is the case with most other haplotypes in nomadic populations in Siberia). It is certainly unlikely that it was a recent Russian introgression though, as the only other haplogroups among Anabarsky Dolgans are N1c and C.