View Full Version : how a teenage concubine became a powerful Chinese duchess

08-12-2015, 07:51 PM
This story comes from a few months ago, but I certainly dont remember reading about it. I hope this is not a duplicate post.
As people might pick up, I love these archaeological discovery stories, and regardless of what the standard line it, I think it is way cool when they find gold and jewels and such. I think the artistry of these items tell so much more about the culture and age than some dopey spoon or such :)

In any case, a cool little story I hope you will enjoy
btw...I think that 'flame' golden hairpin is one of the more beautiful artifacts I've ever seen!



08-12-2015, 09:04 PM
I have visited over 50 cities in China and wherever I go I try to visit the local museum if my agenda allows.
One of the most moving exhibits I have visited was the Hunan Provincial Museum (Mawangdui) in Changsha.
The mummified remains of the Lady of Dai are exhibited along with the elaborate tomb.


Apart from the extraordinary preservation of The Lady of Dai what struck me was the extensive collection of perfectly preserved silk garments which reminded me of the Hans Christian Andersen fable of the Emperors New Clothes and silk so fine it was invisible.

http://www.hnmuseum.com/hnmuseum/eng/specialExhibitions/specialExhi.jsp?columnid=010f36ad88d8402881b70f369 d460010

Of all the treasures I saw in museums in China some the greatest were reserved for the National Palace Museum in Taipei in Taiwan, which the PRC would like to see returned to the mainland along with other looted treasures in museums around the world.