View Full Version : Illumina & Sutter Hill Launch New Genomics Co. Helix With $100M

08-18-2015, 08:40 PM
This has the potential to shake up the DTC genetic testing industry by providing open APIs allowing third parties to develop apps for genetic testing.

Illumina & Sutter Hill Launch New Genomics Co. Helix With $100M

"The idea is to enable low cost genetic testing for consumers and provide them with a secure location for that genetic information to reside while at the same time opening up the information to service providers working with genetic data to provide customized applications tailored to people’s specific genetic characteristics.

Think of it as an application program interface for personalized genetics on one hand and an iTunes for gene-based applications and services on the other."


“Helix and its founding investors are committed to creating a neutral platform at the highest quality standard that will work with partners to accelerate consumer adoption of genomics,” Mr. Flatley said in a statement."