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08-22-2015, 03:26 PM
What is Love? What is Natural Selection? Can it be learned taught, or is love a trait given at
birth. If so why can you love one thing more than another? How could someone love a car just as much if not more than an actual person?

I believe I can answer such questions with a simple equation of L= A – NpA {It}. Love is equal to Attraction {Physical, Mental, chemical}, minus negative past action {character flaws}, times by the Interdependence theory {what does that person give to you that you can’t give yourself}.

Attraction comes in many forms conscious and unconscious attraction all contribute to a human’s ability to find and attract a mate. One of the many traits of attraction is a person’s physical beautiful. Every love story starts with a look from across the room, love at first sight. Hair color, lip shape, body shape are all factor in determining your level of attraction thus love come in all shapes and sizes.Other factor that contribute to attraction is chemical {pheromones {PHE}}. PHE is a secretion from the body that unconscious cause particular social behavior. Another form of attraction is mental, a person's ability to hold a conversation that you find interesting. Mentally stimulation is just a powerful if not more powerful than any other form of attraction. Though there are underlying psycho disabilities that would alter said statement such as various addiction such as sex.

Negative Past Actions is based on the simple fact there is always something you would change about someone. Those changes could be as small as you hate the way the chew their food, to that person being abusive in the relationship. Interdependence theory by Harold Kelly and John Thibaut {{1959} ‘Social Psychology of Groups”} Harold and John demonstrated that in all relationships there is a reward/cost system. The less you have to give up and the more you receive determines your closeness with the person. In short what does that person give to you that you can’t give to yourself? This simple equation can explain any and all questions involving love {Natural Selection}. One such question, is there such thing as a soul mate. The answer to that question is yes, theoretically you not only have one but many soul mates. If no soul mates can be found then the argument can be made that using conditioning on could be created. L= A –NpA- {It} shows that love is something developed over time and is constantly changing base on person's needs and wants. It is safe to say that your interest in mates vary from grade school to high school and so forth.