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Alessio B. Bedini
08-24-2015, 10:54 AM
Some considerations on SNP BY2823 that is below L2:

Currently there are only two examples, with known geographical origin, my in Italy (near Ancona) and another in England (in the area of ​​Bristol).

No doubt that we, i and this person, have a common ancestor who lived between 6000 and 1000/2000 years ago. Where? Probably in the area of ​​the Rhine Valley from (L2+ area) where his descendants have taken the way of Britain and Italy.

It would be important to understand when the descendants of our MRCA moved to Britain and Italy.

There may be at least three simplifying assumptions:
1. In very ancient times. In prehistoric times.
2. In the age of the Roman Empire
3. In the Middle Ages

On this subject I have some ideas: a long journey, done perhaps in prehistoric times, would leave along the way several other descendants.
If BY2823 had developed many thousands of years ago, he would have left many descendants such as DF110, DF103 or DF90.

Instead we are now only two with this SNP.

My idea is that:
1. The birth of BY2823 is much more recent of DF110, DF103 or DF90 and placed less than 2000 years ago.
2. The transfer of our ancestors in England and Italy is very recent. It could date back to the Franks, around 600-800 AD.

What do you think may be considerations that make sense?