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09-04-2015, 01:00 PM
Recently I posted a link to the R-FGC11134 experimental tree in the L21 Yahoo forums, but some folks here may not have seen it.


This includes CTS4466 and it's parallel clades under FGC11134, and will eventually be incorporated into the ISOGG tree as the backlog of work gets completed there. Unlike the ISOGG tree, it also includes the NGS tested kits that support the branching decisions. The idea is similar to YFULL's tree or workbook trees maintained by other R1b projects.

You will notice some of the branches from FTDNA's tree are not included. Those were based on an older version my experimental tree that includes branches marked by SNPs in palindromic arms and STRs. While these branches appear useful for genetic genealogy they may prove problematic in the future, and will not be included into ISOGG's tree as the resource is used by scientific studies as well. In most cases those who have tested with the SNP Pack and have wound up at one of these will in fact only be beginning their journey. Those intermediate branches are all certainly pre-1500s. Future NGS testing will reveal more useful variants downstream.

Future iterations will become more interactive, but the underlying web application doing the work needs some tuning before it will fit in a reasonable hosting package. :\


10-30-2015, 02:52 AM
We have our first Breton who got tested FGC11134 :beer chug: