View Full Version : FTDNA's new I-M223 SNP Pack tests 159 SNPs for $99

09-10-2015, 01:04 AM
This is new, isn't it? FTDNA's I-M223 SNP Pack tests:
Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
M223, CTS9183, CTS616, CTS10057, L702, P78, Z183, CTS6433, PF3292, Z171, Z185, Z166, Z190, Z79, CTS1977, M284, L126, P95, Z180, Z161

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
S20905, CTS4922, L701, Y3670, Z2057, Z2058, Z2054, Y9443, CTS5332, PF5268, BY3094, BY3095, BY3096, Y12052, CTS1858, CTS10148, Y13948, BY3097, P53_3, Y7243, Y7244, Y7240, L1195, L1193, S7753, FGC15079, S18331, M9771, Y4752, Y4750, Y8599, Y3713, L1194, BY138, FGC15106, L1227, L1228, L1230, Y3681, Y5729, Y7202, Y7273, Y7219, Y4769, Y4751, Y7641, Y9161, Y8701, Y8712, Y7682, L1229, S25451, Y10648, Y10655, Y11197, Y11246, Y13432, Y14685, BY3098, BY3099, BY3100, Y11774, Y12573, Y11857, Y12339, Y7426, L700, M379, L1425, L1226, Y10626, Y13321, Y13037, Y13008, S12377, S13126, S8171, S9403, Y4714, Y7280, Y4760, Y5308, Y5996, Y6099, Y5673, Y7190, L703, S12195, Y6973, L704, S25733, A427, S23612, S10702, Y11261, Y5695, Y10659, Y10660, Y5692, Y7263, Z78, CTS8584, S2361, L1198, Z167, P195_2, Y5748, Y6060, Y7272, Y5360, Y5369, CTS11871, Y10671, L623, Y15492, Y15029, L801, Z76, Y7824, Y8935, Y4955, L1272, Y5717, S8104, Y4926, Y6876, ZS20, S2364, S25383, SK1258, L1201, S8522, Y7152, Y5282, Y8945, L812, L1290, Y7265, BY3101

Like other SNP packs, the price will probably rise to $119 within a week or two.

07-28-2018, 06:49 AM
Mój pakiet SNP I-S8522 brak informacji co to oznacza ?