View Full Version : FTDNA R-L513 SNP Pack available

09-11-2015, 11:34 PM
FTDNA announced this pack designed for L513+ people late this week. I haven't compared it to the YSEQ panel yet but I'm sure Thomas will update it so now is good time for comparison shopping. I believe the YSEQ panel is $88. The FTDNA Pack is $99 introductory price with a $119 price when first complete run is filled up.

They have over 130 SNPs and cover the branches pretty well. There are a number of early branching phylogenetic equivalents so I think we have a good chance of finding a home for current partial L513* or undifferentiated folks and those who can't be clustered.

Any R-M269 predicted person who is DYS406s1>=11 and DYS617>=13 should also be looking at matches as there is a good chance they are L513+.

I need to add the caveat that I still think Big Y testing is the best way to go. That's how we discovered all of this branching.