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09-18-2015, 10:27 PM
This is a subclade I share with the 1KG participant NA12144 having 28 shared SNPs under Z36. YFull estimates the TMRCA at 275 BC and MJost at about 676 BC. An average of these two estimates is just about the beginning of the La Tene culture. There are two other families who have done some testing at YSEQ and have tested positive for some of these. So far I have not found any negative results from the group for any of the 28 SNPs. On the flip side, I have only found negative results for my novel SNPs below those 28 - except for someone who shares my surname. There are others in the U152 project who have very similar STRs and are probably in this subclade who I haven't been able to convince to test. From what I can guesstimate at this time, it seems all of these families branched at about the same time. All of them are located in the Bern / Black Forest / Alsace area, which also suggests a La Tene expansion of this subclade.

At this point in time none of these SNPs are on the FTDNA tree because I tested with FGC and the others tested at YSEQ. I'd just like to encourage anyone on this forum who has a similar STR signature (you can find it on the U152 Project page) to please consider the Big Y or FGC 2.0.