View Full Version : New clade with subclades found under M458

09-23-2015, 11:47 PM
According to Łukasz Lubicz Łapiński, administrator of the R1a-M458 group at Facebook and at FTDNA, Vladimir Semargl has discovered a new clade, with two subclades, under M458. Quoted from the Facebook page:
New version of YFull tree (v3.15) brins (sic) new uncovered cousin clades for M458!
PF6188 and it's 2 subclades:
- PF7536 and - Z29307
Those unknown 1st cousins of twin brothers L260+CTS11962 splits very near before mutation Y2604 and just after mutation PF7521 occured!
Samples were taken by Vladimir from "Sardinian Study".

Semargl has posted the new M458 tree at YFULL: http://yfull.com/tree/R-M458/

Ever since I learned that L1029 was present in Sardinia, I have been curious as to how it ended up there. Some speculate that it was carried by the Vandals, who settled the island as part of their brief empire. Given the estimated age of this new clade/subclade, I am not sure if this is a reasonable hypothesis. Any thoughts?