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09-30-2015, 07:18 PM
I would like a Caucasian sub-forum in the International Area which includes Armenian, Georgian, Abkhazian, Circassian, Chechen, Avar, Lezgin etc. languages. Is it possible?

Note: I know that Armenian language isn't in the Caucasian language family, but these languages are spoken in the neighboring regions, Caucasia.

10-01-2015, 04:25 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. We've recently closed down two forum areas and are mindful over adding more which will end up being unused.

If any of our regulars would plan on using a prospective Caucasus section, please go ahead and thank this post to give us an idea regarding demand.

I'll also be splitting whatthefami's posts into a new thread shortly. [Edit]: Split here (http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?5528-Split-External-Influences-in-Azeri-Turkish)

11-09-2015, 02:06 AM
That is a great idea, I would like to see " Laz " as well.
Thank you.

11-29-2015, 04:32 PM
I've noticed an uptick in members with backgrounds from the Caucasus, which is fantastic!

In light of that, to give us an indication where the level of interest is, I again request all who're interested in a Caucasus sub-forum to "thank" this post. :)

Tag Heuer
12-30-2015, 07:20 PM
It would be great. We already have Laz, Azeri and Chechen members. Hope more Caucasians will join us.

01-13-2016, 02:18 PM
Thanks all for the feedback.

Section will be up in a couple days! There will be an announcement when that time arrives. :)

01-13-2016, 03:05 PM
It would be great. We already have Laz, Azeri and Chechen members. Hope more Caucasians will join us.

And partly Circassian and trace amount of Armenian ones. :)

01-13-2016, 06:50 PM

01-13-2016, 08:00 PM
I'm really looking forward to this sub-forum.

Joe B
01-13-2016, 10:37 PM
There is a lot of Y haplogroup work that needs to be accomplished in the Caucasus. This is particularly true of the R1b basal clades found there. A R1b-L584 haplotype from the area just got his Big Y test results today. Looking forward to the increased testing this new forum should generate.

01-17-2016, 05:13 PM
Hi all,

Done! (http://www.anthrogenica.com/forumdisplay.php?185-Caucasus) A couple points:

I'll be moving a couple threads into the new section shortly. If our regulars think any others require moving, please contact a member of staff.
As with the other Int. Area sections, both English and non-English discussions can be facilitated.
Separate sub-sections for Armenian, Chechen, Laz etc. aren't warranted for the time being. However, if members with interests in these ethnic groups generate enough discussion in the section and manage to attract more Caucasian folks to the forum, we'll gladly open sections to meet the demand.

Hope all are having a great weekend. Enjoy the section!

01-17-2016, 05:50 PM
Thanks DMXX!