View Full Version : Multiple Accounts (Zero Tolerance Policy)

10-04-2015, 07:07 AM
Hello members,

We have maintained a zero tolerance policy against multiple accounts since launching Anthrogenica. More often than not, this behavior on Internet forums is partaken by returning banned users or individuals seeking to ramp up their own sides in arguments.

From today, in light of some particularly brazen breeches of this policy, we will be automatically banning any and all multiple accounts found on this site without prior notice if or when they are caught. This is reflected in our modification to section 2.4:

2.4 Anthrogenica does not permit the use of multiple accounts under any circumstances. Users found with more than one account will be banned immediately and without prior notice. If a reasonable explanation for the multiple accounts exist which the administration are likely to not deem as an abuse of the site's provisions, such members are instructed to message through the "Contact Us" feature at the bottom of every page.

An account on this forum should represent the single and individualized summation of what a given member wishes to publicly portray, be it through their username or other customization. If members are not happy with their usernames, the administration does mandate a small number of changes under specific circumstances (chiefly for the purpose of maintaining member privacy). Please contact an administrator if you remain unsure if this applies to you.

If members who have multiple accounts at Anthrogenica haven't come forward yet regarding these, please do so immediately before you are caught and permanently excluded from the community.

As ever, if our regulars are interested in learning more about specific member bans, full disclosure will be afforded in private as per section 6.6:

6.6 Individual bans/suspensions are not for general discussion on the forum as they distract from the forum's intended focus. Any open threads or posts relating to these will be managed accordingly. Instead, if members of the community wish to learn about another member's ban/suspension, they must contact a member of the administration via PM directly to address their inquiries.

In spite of our keenness to eliminate unnecessary drama at Anthrogenica, it is our obligation to keep our frequent posters fully informed should that be their choosing.

Thank you all for reading this message.