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10-07-2015, 12:01 AM
Hi all,

I wanted to announce the approval of the R-U152-FGC22501 Project. Thanks you Rich for your help. :)
Also all the others in the L2 family. Hal, Acque agitate et al. I honestly believe that each of us working on our pieces of the L2 puzzle will end up sorting this out in an amazing way. I also want to thank Bennett for his quick approval and support. :)

Since we have such a divergent group (country-wise),we thought it would be helpful to be able to share postings etc. Rich and others feel free to share this link---at the moment I have it set for open joins. This would include WHIFFING. I have contacted TRIPP, DOOTZ, VERBEECK, VAN BENTHEM and KIDD.

This group is open to any man who is tested positive for L2 & FGC22501 OR
L2 AND has DYS438=13 AND is from anywhere West of the Rhine river including the UK or Romania (of Flemish/German descent). Those from the US, Canada, Australia or NZ who believe their line is from the UK or West of the Rhine are included.


The path is R1b > M269 > L11 > P312 (S116) > U152 (S28) > L2 > FGC22501.

All members of this group must test positive for L2. (There are L21 and Jewish L2's who have DYS438=13) We suggest joining the U152 group before or in addition to joining this one. U152 is the parent clade of L2 and FGC22501.

Both L2 and FGC22501 are tested in the current R1b Backbone Panel---if you have DYS438=13 we highly recommend testing with this panel to confirm FGC22501---it is not available for SANGER sequencing.

Currently FGC22501 includes men from the US, Canada, England, Belgium, Netherlands and Romania. We expect there will be others from France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

I do not expect this will be a large group but may grow slowly over time as Deep clade testing becomes more wide spread.

10-11-2015, 10:11 PM
Cross posting

Just by happenstance I found that FTDNA IS offering a stand along FGC22501 SNP test ($39). It is not found in their advanced order menu, but can be found on their Haplotree and SNPS from one's individual pages.


So any L2's with DYS438=13 can confirm FGC22501 without taking the full backbone M343 test.

10-11-2015, 10:20 PM
For those following this story the GD's in this group are nothing short of amazing.

Between those who are L2 > FGC22501+ and not sharing the same surnames:

At 37 Markers the GD varies from - 8 to -19 or up to only 18/37
At 67 Markers the GD varies from -11 to -26 or up to only 41/67

So much for STRS when we get back a few thousand years! So far all have DYS438=13

11-27-2015, 10:40 PM
Congratulations on getting your branch on the FTDNA tree under L2!