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10-16-2015, 05:03 AM
With Ancestry.Com, I've recently been able to trace back a few more Generations than I previously knew, with Italian Civil Records, on my Maternal Great-Grandfather Side. Mind you, this is long after receiving DNA Results and Matches, etc., but it does help to tie more things together. I've had a terrible time finding anything Recorded on any other Lines of my background, past what I already know. My Maternal Great-Grandfather Side was historically prominent, so I suppose it makes sense that this Side was better Documented, and these Documents better preserved. All I had known previously, is that this Side was a wealthy Family of Marble Quarry owners and operators, in the Village of Bedizzano, Tuscany, outside Carrara, and that the Surname was, "Lucchesi". Naturally, I would know that, at some remote point in history, the Paternal Line of this Side traces back to Lucca, Tuscany, i.e., "Lucchesi". For this Side of my background, I have many DNA Matches, and all of them are from the Province Of Lucca, with the highest number being from the City of Lucca proper. With Italian Civil Records, I've found that, on the Maternal end of my Great-Grandfather Side, the Surname was, "Pellegrinotti", and on the Grandmother Side, the Surname was, "Morelli". This takes me to the early 19th Century, with both the Pellegrinottis and Morellis based in Bedizzano. On the Paternal end of my Great-Grandfather Side, the Lucchesi Line goes back to Camaiore, in the Province Of Lucca, in 1853, and on the Maternal end, the Surname was, "Palmerini", with the Palmerinis based at Camaiore. This is as far back as I can get thus far, so on the Paternal Line, the origin in the City of Lucca has to be farther back. In correlating the DNA Results of myself and my known Family Cousins on my Maternal Great-Grandfather Side, which is completely of origins in the Tuscan Provinces of Massa-Carrara and Lucca, the common Shared Autosomal DNA between us is getting assigned on 23andMe as a mixture of "Italian" and "Broadly Southern European". It has been said on many Fora, that since the vast majority of Italian DNA Samples are Southern, that there will be issues in properly identifying the Italian DNA of Tuscans, other Central Italians, and Northerners. There definitely are Tuscan Samples, just a great deal less than Southern Samples, and myself and my fellow known Cousins, who've also Tested, goes to show that at least some Genetic background from Tuscany, can be and is being picked-up as "Italian".