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11-25-2015, 01:25 PM
Good day, everyone,

Apologies in advance if I am posting my question in the wrong location. I am new to genealogy, and after trying Ancestry's DNA's services and finding them unsatisfactory, I uploaded my raw DNA data to GEDmatch, but I am a bit confused about how to use it and how to interpret my results. I am hoping someone on here can a) help break things down into layman's terms for me, and b) suggest other GEDmatch tests that may be better for me.

As suggested by some commenters on the GEDmatch blog, I tried the Eurogenes k12b test first. This test was the one people seemed to suggest for people who believe they have strong British ancestry. The test turned the following admixture breakdown:

Western European 44.40%
West Central Asian 2.54%
South Asian 1.35%
Caucasus 6.66%
Finnish 4.64%
Mediterranean 12.68%
Southwest Asian 1.25%
North European 26.48%

I then tried another test that seemed to be more granular in results, the Eurogenes k36, which turned the following results:

Armenian 1.95%
Basque 2.72%
Central_Euro 5.38%
East_Balkan 3.31%
East_Central_Euro 5.31%
Eastern_Euro 4.03%
Fennoscandian 9.68%
French 6.88%
Iberian 12.22%
Italian 7.31%
North_Atlantic 19.05%
North_Sea 20.31%
South_Central_Asian 0.34%
Volga-Ural 1.49%

Interestingly, after trying a couple of different tests, I keep getting South Asian showing up in the 1-2% range. I have no known South Asian ancestors. To my knowledge, I am Scottish, English, French, Dutch, and German. On my mom's side, everyone has very olive skin and dark hair/eyes, which seems inconsistent with British/French ancestry. I'd like to discover more about where this phenotype came from, and I'm not sure where to get started with interpreting these results and exploring further.

Thanks in advance for your help! Please let me know if my post is too long/annoying/inappropriately placed.


12-06-2015, 04:33 AM
Here is the definitions for K36. I copied it from a post in 23andme old forums once. It may help. They say K36 is a deep ancestry test. I am also a beginner. I don't know these are correct or not?

Amerindian = Colombian, Karitiana, Mayan, Peruvian, Pima, Surui
Arabian = Saudi-Arabian, Yemeni, Yemeni-Jewish
Armenian = Armenian
Basque = French Basque
Central African = Ethiopian, Sudanese
Central European = Hungarian, Utah NA (see the note)
East African = Maasai
East Asian = Japanese, North Han Chinese
East Balkan = Bulgarian, Romanian
East Central Asian = Daur, Hezhen, Mongolia, Oroqen, Tu
East Central European = Belarusian, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian
East Mediterranean = Cyprian, Druze, Lebanese Christian, Lebanese Druze
Eastern European = Erzya, Kargopol Russian, Moksha, Russian
Fennoscandian = Finnish
French = French
Iberian = Spanish Andalucia, Spanish Aragon, Spanish Baleares, Spanish Cantabria, Spanish Castilla La Mancha, Spanish Castilla Y Leon, Spanish cataluna, Spanish Extremadura, Spanish, Spanish Galicia, Spanish Murcia, Spanish Pais Vasco, Spanish Valencia
Indo-Chinese = Vietnamese
Italian = North Italian, Tuscan
Malayan = Malay
Near Eastern = Jordanian, Lebanese Muslim, Palestinian, Syrian
North African = Moroccan, Mozabite Berber
North Atlantic = Cornish, SW Scottish, Utah NA (see the note)
North Caucasian = Adygei, Balkar, Chechen, Kumyk, Lezgin, North Ossetian
North Sea = Kent, Utah NA (see the note)
Northeast African = Ethiopian Afar, Ethiopian Amhara, Ethiopian Jewish, Ethiopian Oromo, Ethiopian Tigray, Ethiopian Wolayta, Somali
Oceanian = Melanesian, Papuan
Omotic = Ethiopian Ari
Pygmy = Biaka Pygmies, Mbuti Pygmies
Siberian = Buryat, Chukchi, Evenk, Koryak, Nganassan, Tuvan, Yakut, Yukagir
South Asian = South Indian Chamar, South Indian Chenchus, South Indian Dharkars, South Indian Dusadh, South Indian Gond, South Indian Hakkipikki, South Indian, South Indian Kanjars, South Indian Kol, South Indian Kurumba, South Indian Piramalai, South Indian Velamas
South Central Asian = Balochi, Brahui, Burusho, Pathan, Sindhi
South Chinese = Dai, South Han Chinese
Volga-Ural = Chuvash
West African = Mandenka, Yoruba
West Caucasian = Abhkasian, Georgian
West Mediterranean = Sardinian