View Full Version : Using SNPs and STRs TOGETHER to build a Mutation History tree for L21>Z255

12-03-2015, 11:49 PM
I think we have enough passionate testers in L21 that we can do the kinds of things that Dr. Maurice Gleeson (and others) are doing.

Please watch Dr. Maurice Gleeson's presentation on Y DNA surname genetic genealogy studies. If you are at all interested in trying to leverage Y DNA to draw a deep family tree for your surname and your section of L21 this is really good.


Dr. Gleeson is very entertaining as well as very knowledgeable.

He describes constructing a very youthful tree for his family and distant relatives using both SNPs found in NGS testing as well as STRs. We can use STRs to triangulate between lineages to estimate the branching. STRs are most powerful in more recent times using SNPs as boundaries. Dr. Gleeson describes the triangulation method and use of various tools nicely with real data for the L21 subclade of Z255.

It really helps to have 111 STRs to go with the penetration of NGS SNP discovery testing. Dr. Gleeson illustrates this with a real case for his surname cluster of Z255 (Irish Sea types). He is thorough in examining the pitfalls as well as his recommendations.