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12-04-2015, 10:25 PM
This is not a test or known L21+, U152+ or DF27+ people. There are (will be) specialized tests for those. However, the P312 SNP Pack will determine if you are L21, U152, DF27 though so if you are P312 and don't know where you fit this is the right test.

We could think of this as the P312 top layer and misc subclades SNP Pack with DF19, DF99 and L238 being the focus subclades.

It's $99 on sale until the first batch gets filled then it goes up to $119. It is loaded as there are close to 150 SNPs including some the first layer of L21 (including a couple equivalents), U152 and DF27 (similar to the R1b-M343 Backbone SNP Pack).

There are good dose of L238 SNPs but it looks particularly laden with DF19 SNPs. I've requested for position numbers for the new BY SNP names.

R1b-P312 SNP Pack

Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
P312, L21, Z290, DF21, M222, Z255, Z253, L513, CTS4466, Z195, U152, L2, Z225, DF19, CTS11567, F2691, CTS10429, L719, L238, DF99, DF13, DF63, DF49, DF41, DF83, DF88, Y5058, Z198, Z209, Z2573, Z302, BY653, L1065, Z3000, ZZ12_1, ZZ10_1, ZZ10_2

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
L881, ZZ12_2, ZZ11, FGC20747, Z2552, BY3447, BY3448, BY3449, BY3450, BY3451, BY3452, BY3453, A1228, A578, A6289, A6290, A6291, A6292, CTS11638, CTS12966, FGC11833, FGC11834, FGC11844, FGC16982, FGC23851, FGC847, L1199, L1200, L459, L624, L644, ZZ38_2, ZZ38_1, ZZ37_1, Z8193, Z8192, Z4161, Z38442, Z38434, Z36400, Z36294, Z35691, Z35675, Z35647, Z35646, Z34614, S1388, S16136, S17075, S22352, S23780, S27900, S4268, S4274, S4281, S8137, Y10824, Y10829, Y10831, Y11660, Y11661, Y11662, Y11663, Y11664, Y11665, Z17093, Z17112, Z17118, Z17119, Z17121, Z17122, Z17123, Z17126, Z17155, Z17156, Z17262, Z17267, Y14656, Z17317, CTS12684, Z34141, Z31282, Z30600, Z30493, Z30487, Z29645, Z29643, Z29064, Z29047, Z29041, Z29034, Z28569, Z27998, Z27997, Z21079, Z21080, Z21081, Z21082, Z21084, Z21133, Z21134, Z21271, Z21278, Z21279, Z27257, Z260, Z245, Z2245, Z2246, Z2247, Z2248, Z21729, Z21380

With this test we want to squeeze true R1b-P312* down to next to nothing as well as give DF19, L238 and DF99 guys a good and specific place to call home.

12-05-2015, 10:07 AM
Is it of significant value to someone like kit 109663, who has tested thus?
P312+, M269+, L21-, M153-, M65-, SRY2627-, U106-, U152-, Z196-, DF27-, DF19-, DF99-

12-07-2015, 10:29 PM
Is it of significant value to someone like kit 109663, who has tested thus?
P312+, M269+, L21-, M153-, M65-, SRY2627-, U106-, U152-, Z196-, DF27-, DF19-, DF99-
I can't really say I predict a hit given he's already tested L21, DF27, U152 and DF19.

There could be a breakthrough, though.

There are over 20 SNPs under and including L238. If he hit on the L238 subclade that it would be a great thing.

A new subclade of P312 has just been added so 09464776-A-T should be included as a last minute add.

The experimental SNPs ZZ37_1 and ZZ38_1 are included and four SNPs downstream of them.

L21 has 3 or 4 phylogenetic equivalents included. I think odds are low to break that but that is another possibility that one of those could be older than L21.

CTS12684/PF6548/Z1904 is also included and it is thought to be an equivalent of P312 but that could also be a breakthrough if it is younger.

He'd be a true, true, true P312* if comes out of all of this negative. I guess, if it was me I'd have to take the test. It would kill me not to know. ... and you know there is always NGS.

12-27-2015, 07:39 PM
Greetings from R1b-L238 FTDNA Project :)

As earlier mentioned here, the R1b-P312 SNP Pack covers a very nice portion of L238 downstream mutations. The mutations included in this test are rounded in the picture enclosed.

This picture also presents our 19 BigY tests with their origins.


Some days ago I communicated via R. Hatton a list of mutations that could be included to possible new versions of the R1b-P312 SNP Pack. The most important update would be to have ALL the seven missing 'Big Cluster' mutations added. This 'Bic Cluster' seems to be an important historical cross-roads where British and Scandinavian lines seem to have taken different routes.

The complete list of wished mutations:

Big Cluster mutations (the most important ones):
Y10827 8804680 G->A
Y10825 8260166 G->T
Y10833 28729772 T->C
Y10830 19242051 C->T
Y11666 20820916 C->T
Y10826 8350442 T->C
Y10832 23887901 T->A

One located individually:
A8150 8891259 G->A

Two ones just named by YSEQ:
SFL1 22043613 G -> C
SFL2 23254825 C -> T

A mutation in one Swedish line :
(this has been found before and named in haplogroup J, however it has
independently mutated also in one Swedish L238 paternal line).

02-12-2016, 12:59 AM
A number of P312 SNP pack results have come in this week. I would note that while they are generally working as designed, there is at least a couple of results which have a fairly large number of SNPs with an asterisk for "no call or heterozygous call."