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12-13-2015, 11:31 PM
Hello from California:

My paternal grandmother Bertha (nmn) geb. WOTTRICH 1859-1921 was mtDNA H1as1, but we know nothing of her pre-USA immigration 1888,
other than she was from "Germany" --- i.e. she departed from Stettin. Her daughter (my aunt) wouldn't say, and her son (my father) only
said she was from "Berlin". That is an oft repeated story by many people, but perhaps someday, someone else will recognize this Bertha WOTTRICH.
My "Bertha" website is www.wottrich.0catch.com --- That is a "zero" catch, not a "cap OH" catch. We seem some similar, but I'm E1b1b....FGC11447.