View Full Version : E-U209, origins, distribution, etc?

12-17-2015, 06:13 AM
Wondering if anyone has any information on U209?

Though not a paternal ancestor I have found an ancestor that has a paternal descendant (two actually) that test for V38 -> U175 -> U209

Looking at the quick results on googling it I see a couple studies that suggest a high distribution among the Bassa and Bakaka people in Cameroon (50% or more I believe) and also fairly high frequencies along the West African Coast. I see that V38/e1b1a is also the most common African and African American haplogroup.

The furthest ancestor that traces to this seems to be born in the 1700s and is white but records are found of relations legally clarifying they are "white" (apparently they were suspected as mulatto or free person of color) in South Carolina, a John Busby. The Y DNA connects to a Ivey's from Virginia in the 1600s who share the same Y DNA line (match 66/67 I believe so the same line somewhere around there) in the mid to late 1600s and early 1700s Busbys and Iveys are found listed as mulatto and free people of color (or Indian).