View Full Version : FTDNA's R1b-Z8 subtree needs expansion in wake of R1b-Z8 SNP Pack results?

12-17-2015, 08:42 PM
Two weeks ago, kit 266572 in my project received his R1b-Z8 SNP Pack results:
Z8+, L48+, FGC1954+, U106+, Z20+, Z21+, Z22+, Z24+, Z25+, Z26+, Z29+, Z3+, Z301+, Z338+, Z351+, Z381+, Z4+, Z5+, Z9+, Z6-, Z8175-, Z343-, Z344-, Z346-, Z27210-, Z23-, U198-, Y15631-, YFS065855-, Z12-, Z156-, Z18-, FGC29405-, FGC35613-, FGC4161-, FGC5253-, FGC5254-, FGC5264-, L1-, L148-, L47-, M157-, M365-, PF889-, S10415-, S12035-, S1355-, S16701-, S1774-, S18890-, S18951-, S20321-, S20422-, S26379-, S3262-, S3510-, S3511-, S5245-, S5246-, S5633-, S6881-, S7297-, S738-, S794-, S9565-, Z11-, Z1-, A299-, A300-, A321-, A5616-, A687-, A6903-, A6904-, A6906-, A96-, BY118-, CTS10742-, CTS1747-, CTS4569-, CTS5601-, CTS7080-, CTS7678-, DF101-, DF102-, F1636-, FGC11784-, FGC12057-, FGC12058-, FGC12993-, FGC15254-

According to this U106 haplotree (https://app.box.com/s/afqsrrnvv2d51msqcz2o), he belongs to R1b-FGC1954* (i.e., Z8+ Z338+ FGC1954+ S12035- ). But FTDNA's haplotree still does not have Z338 or FGC1954. YFull recognizes R-Z338 (http://yfull.com/tree/R-Z338/), at least.

Moreover, FTDNA's tree still shows Z23 on the same level as Z8, but the kit above is clearly Z8+ Z23- . In fact, even this U106 tree (https://app.box.com/s/afqsrrnvv2d51msqcz2o) incorrectly lists Z23 on the same level as Z8. Or perhaps Z23 itself is flaky?

Understandably, the R1b-U106 Project is also swamped with results and therefore behind in reclassifying members. It still lists #266572 as "Z9>Z30>Z2>Z7>Z8+ Need to order R1b-Z8 SNP Pack".

12-18-2015, 05:05 PM
The U106 admins are processing all of the new SNP pack results and we will getting back in touch with FTDNA to both revise their tree based upon FTDNA results and to revise the SNP pack contents to reflect additional results over the last 3 months. We got results from 4 SNP packs this week. At least in the R1b-Z326 region the results coming out of the SNP pack are quite good. FTDNA may have an issue within one aspect of the tree for the region but I will be working on getting that corrected early next week.

Charles - who maintains most of the FTDNA U106 groupings - is getting ready to head out on a 6 week OUS junket. So updates will be infrequent while he lounges around in various warm climes. It may be the middle of Feb. before we get the groupings in the U106 project back in order.