View Full Version : Y2608 and YP1626 problematic in R1a-Z280 SNP Pack

01-09-2016, 08:36 PM
These four R1a-Z280 SNP Pack orders were marked as complete on November 16:
At that time, each of them had, on the FTDNA haplotree, either Y2608 or YP1626 shown in orange ("Test In Progress"). Then and now, both Y2608 and YP1626 are included in the R1a-Z280 SNP Pack according to FTDNA's official documentation.

On December 19, I asked FTDNA whether progress would be attempted on these any time soon (e.g., a re-run of the SNP pack, or individual SNP tests).

This week, I notice that the untested SNPs have now changed color to blue ("Test Available"), suggesting that FTDNA has given up on them.