View Full Version : FTDNA transfer from ancestryDNA.

01-13-2016, 12:11 AM
I did a transfer of my autDNA to FTDNA. Here are my results:

(sorry for my spelling and historical inaccuracy if there are any )

What interests me the most is my ratio of central to south Asian and the small amounts of east-Asian. I'm about twice more central asian than south asian which was kind of interesting since I'm only 5% central Asian in ancestryDNA as a trace region, but I guess there are some overlaps with south-Asian. I did some digging about the origin of my clan name, Shanshiyo, and the last name of the elders Al-Shash or al-shashi. Now, this name is thought to be derived from the town chad, which is now Tashkent in modern day Uzbekistan. Shash was the arabic name of chad at the time. There is a claim by the elders that the clan is paternally descendant from a group of people who migrated from sogdia into the Islamic world during the invasion\migration of Turkic people further north, who were probably being pushed by the incoming mongol horde (which I read somewhere). This was all recorded by some Islamic historian, cant remember exactly who. What he also recorded was that allot of these people were wool weavers and our clan is associated with textiles and is thought to have originated from the clan founder.

Now what are the chances that these results supports or eliminates this theory?