View Full Version : Problems with a likely R1a kit. if not L657.

02-02-2013, 02:52 PM
Hi for all,
Someone could kindly give me some tips to solve a problem with the results of a kit.
I have already called Ftdna, but as yet no results.

P. S. The Kit 257286, not having all the results STR, was predicted as 100% R1a. Comes from the same hometown Gonabad, as the kit 210881 tested already positive for Z93 Z94 and L657.

Also: When you think that will be available the new SNP Series Y! useful for those who are positive for Z93 and Z94 SNP?
We accept any suggestions and thank you in advance.

This is the email sent to Ftdna:

Good morning,
I am Joseph, the Gonabad's project administrator, with this email i like to inform you of some problems with the kit 257286 (Parviz):
- We can not enter the coordinates of the place of origin, both paternal and motherly Gonabad; we can not insert, like the other members of the project,the place of origin Gonabad, Iran latitude 34.35 longitude 58.68; why?
- The kit 2572586 batched in 02 jan.2013 batch 497; from days has been received partial results for SuperDNA ordered;
- For YDNA these results relate to the Dys 439, but not the other STR in panel 1-12, and we received the complete panels 13-25, 38-47, 48-60, 61-67;
- The date of receipt of the results change every day, i think for a probable problem of the program. and the new results do not reach the remaining panels YDNA;
We should ask for your intervention to solve the problem.
Thank you.

02-23-2013, 06:05 PM
Today arrived results..

Kit 257286
hap. R1a1

DYS393 13 DYS390 25 DYS19 16 DYS391 11 DYS385 11-14 DYS426 12 DYS388 12 DYS439 10 DYS389i 13 DYS392 11 DYS389ii 29

I have doubts about the haplogroup if L657? or Z93? .. Mah.