View Full Version : E-V22, the Saho-Sardinian connection and the EEF!?

01-26-2016, 02:33 PM
Lank posted on 17 jan.:

"For instance, V1083, which is M78(xV22,V12) has only been reported in Sardinia and the Saho from East Africa, but it seems obvious (IMO) that it ultimately derives from North Africa in both groups, and just got caught up in the expansion of more successful lineages."

More precieze (quote wiki):" Found only in Eritrea (1.1%) and Sardinia (0.3%)"

This gave me the following clue.

The E-V22 roots are Nubian/Cushitic. Originated 8500 years ago. Also the start of the Neolithic along the Nile. About 8500-7300 ago there was a clear founder effect. The Saho, almost 'pure' E-V22 (88%), consider themselves as heirs of Kush.

But the link with Sardinia is very very interesting. Sardinia is considered as 'a refuge area where ancestry related to Early European Farmers has been best preserved' (Eurogenes).

A few years ago Pontus Skoglund stated about the early farmers in Sweden: “The farmer is most genetically similar to people living in Cyprus and Sardinia today”.

Concluding remark: E-V22 is most probably part of the Early European Farmers, who spread the agriculture (by sea) from the Mediterranean to (North-)Western Europe. Ore not....???? Do I overlook something? Humbug? Or a valid clue?

02-10-2018, 08:38 PM
Connection is very ancient and minimal. It turns out that E-v22 Saho are very bottlenecked having shared a relatively "recent" paternal ancestor as evidenced by their very close STRS (maybe sample bias as well). Both of these groups probably received contributions from North East Africa long. From what we now see at Y-full, E-v22 probably originated in North Egypt then like E-M34, split in all directions given its wide yet sporadic distribution.