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02-15-2016, 10:25 AM
In comparing my dna land results to 23&me results there is a good consistency, with some some interesting observations. I'm half English and half Italian with all paper trails completely in those areas. On 23andme Im 23 percent Italian, 13 percent French German, 11 percent British Irish, and 2 percent Iberian. The leftovers are general North and South European and European. On my X, from my Italian side, there is a fragment of speculative general North European, so I considered a possible Lombard or other Germanic connection. Any way, on dna.land Im 43 percent North Central European, 7 percent Southwestern European and the rest is Southern European. Whereas 23andme would consider the Alpine zone and France "North Europe", dna land draws its North Central European higher, at Germany. So having Lombard or per se Germanic admixture in my Italian side isn't necessarily supported by my dna land estimation. However, dna land considers Iberia, France and Corsica as Southwestern Europe and getting a 2 percent Iberian on 23andme and a Southwestern European of 7 percent on dna land, seems to indicate to me some minor pull towards Iberia for whatever reason. I do not have any Iberian or SW European DNA matches however after 3 years of testing.

02-15-2016, 01:52 PM
I have also found 23andme to be more accurate for Iberian and Italian ancestry.

DNA.Land is inconsistent the coloring of the map for France. For some people it is colored as Southwest European and for others it is colored as Northern Europe. You can see it listed twice in the JavaScript Debugger.

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"Jersey", //FIXME
"Liechtenstein", //FIXME
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Italy and Greece are grouped together under Italy-Balkans. At 23andme Italian has it's own component.

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