View Full Version : CTS4466 (and FGC11134) Subclade Age Estimates

02-20-2016, 03:19 AM
For those who don't make it to the R-CTS4466 Plus group on Yahoo, I recently shared a link to an application of the Adamov et al methodology on the 139 CTS4466 BAMs that have been shared for deeper analysis.

R-CTS4466 approx. 117 AD (n: 139 CI 95: 926 BC - 1160 AD std dev: 521.4892918799928)

The large standard deviation comes from a few kits who have abnormally high numbers of mutations, which I have not normalized until more data is gathered to rule out errors in the tests or just plain anomalies in those lines mutation rates.

You can find the complete list in my blog: Adamov-based Age Estimates for R-FGC11134 And Subclades (http://www.it2kane.org/2016/02/adamov-based-age-estimates-for-r-fgc11134-subclades/).

There are some future refinements planned to include more of the callable Y chromosome, INDELs, and possibly STRs to lower the deviation.