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03-09-2016, 08:03 PM
Hi guys! Okay I'm looking for the most logical test to take next. Some of you might recall a few months ago I had found someone with my surname, and after having him test a 12 marker STR he was an exact match to my brother. I have been testing my brother for single SNPs here and there. So far I have been able to drill down to Q-YP1003 for him.

The man who matched my brother I ordered the Q-L245 SNP pack for him. His results came in the other day and he is Q-BZ68, under Q-YP1003. Another man who is Q-YP1003, is listed as Q-BZ64. The man who has our surname is negative for Q-BZ64.

Here is a picture I have of how FTDNA is listing the Q-YP1003 branch with some of the SNPs that fall under it.

So to find out how close in a genealogical time frame we are to the man who shares our surname what next? Keep in mind I won't be ordering Big Y.

1) STRs? Even though I have read they are supposed to be best especially for people who share surnames I feel they are not. My brother's closest STR matches are a GD of 3 at the 67 marker. Though they belong to the the Q-YP1003 branch, they also went on to test positive for YP1010 > YP1009 which my brother was negative for. They are listed as Q-BZ50 and Q-BZ51 now. As for the other man who only matched us at the Q-YP1003 level ( he was negative on the YP1010 > YP1009 level as well). He never matched us beyond 12 markers.

2) Should I single test my brother for the new Q-BZ68?

3) Should I ask this man if he would be agreeable to take a Family Finder test to see if he matches my brother and myself on the autosomes?

He was born only 5 minutes from where my father was from. Yet I never heard of him! His wife had told me the name of his father and the uncles. I did not recognize any. Curiously his father's middle name is the same as my father's and brother's first names. His father's first name matches my grandfather's brother's first name, but the middle names are different. I have found the wedding record for this man's father. His father's father's name on that record does not match my great grandfather's first name. I am wondering if his grandfather and my great grandfather could have been brothers?

Okay hope that wasn't too confusing! Any advice, thoughts are most appreciated!

03-13-2016, 04:20 AM
I spoke with the man who is my brother's match on not only our last name but Q-YP1003. He is agreeable to the Family Finder test! So I just ordered it. I hope it will illuminate if we have a closer genealogical relationship. My fingers are crossed :)

03-13-2016, 05:29 AM
Best of luck!

04-25-2016, 04:31 PM
Bummer! His results are in, and he does not match my brother or myself on the automsomes. Well not sure what to think. Sharing surnames, both being Q-YP1003, and we're born in such close proximity to him. Any thoughts how distant this relationship is now that I know we don't match on Family Finder?

I can see he has some Jewish matches. I don't think as many as my brother and I. His pileup is on chromosome 9 for them, and we have them on ch. 7. We do share just one of them with him. Of course I have come to realize with the endogomy it won't be able to tell us much of anything. His admixture results don't show Jewish either, but neither does my brother's. Both have Asia Minor results. His are 6%, my brother's 13%, my Asia Minor is 11%. All three of us also have ancestry form Southern Italy too. Some Asia Minor can be from there and not necessarily part of our particular branch that was Jewish. I only bring this up as Q-YP1003, descends from Q-Y2200 which is considered a Jewish subclade. https://www.yfull.com/tree/Q-Y2200/

06-20-2016, 04:50 AM
I hope all the father's on the forum had a great Father's Day weekend. In thinking back on my father I remember how I was his favorite. :) I liked everything that my father did when I was a small child. In thinking back my father loved the color yellow. He loved it so much; I made it my favorite color. I can remember we both would wear it- a lot! There was a song about a yellow bird high up in banana tree that I made my father play over and over again on his record player. The yellow Starburst candies were like gold. Why? Because my father's favorite color was yellow of course!

Now why was yellow his favorite color? I can remember him telling me that it was because his grandfather told him that his people HAD to wear yellow in the old country. I never thought twice about this statement until recently. Something told me to randomly Google "people that had to wear yellow". The first site that came up had to do with Nazi Germany. The second site was this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_badge

So given what my brother's Y DNA result turned out to be, and that we have some Jewish autosomal matches. Beyond my father saying our last name is really Lithuanian, and that we have Mongolian roots- also that he always spoke highly of the Jewish people. I think this really is the one piece of evidence that I have from him telling me that his father's family had been Jewish!

In the link that I gave, "1566
King Sigismund II passes a law that required Lithuanian Jews to wear yellow hats and head coverings. The law was abolished twenty years later.[6]" Do you guys think this would make sense year (1566) wise to date when my father line was Jewish? My brother is Q-YP1003, our other same surname match went on to also be listed with the SNP Q-BZ68 besides Q-YP1003. Q-YP1003 is listed as dating back to 400 AD on Rebekah Canada's chart and on Y Full. My line in Ogorki, Poland is back to 1782 with no mention in the records to being Jewish. There is also a possible 1720s ancestor in the record there, and not listed as Jewish. What do you guys think? Does the time frame fit with the Q-YP1003 SNP? Meaning we don't move forward in time with SNPs that other men who know they are Jewish, and tested positive for SNPs downstream of Q-YP1003. I don't know what else I can do to find a paper trail for when this line was Jewish. All I have is DNA, and the memory of the wearing of the yellow.