View Full Version : L11(xU106xP312) in question

03-31-2016, 02:55 PM
We find mainly U106 (or S21 ) and P312 (or S116) downstream of L11 (or S127) and the reminder L11 (xU106xP312), people who are L11+ but P312- & U106-, represent just 1 to 2 percent averaged over all Europe but we can see that the L11(xU106xP312) is far to be uniform over Europe, we see some particular areas where the L11(xU106xP312) are found with significant % like in Portugal, in Southern Swiss and Rheinland Germany, Baltic and Black Sea coast but significantly absent in North of France, Netherland, place shared both by P312 & U106. How is it explainable? It 's look like the result of recent and rapid migration events like the so called barbarian invasions instead of an old slow peopling event of Europe otherwise we should have the old 3 groups intermixed every where at almost the same ratio evenly distributed even if the data are sparsed. Here is a draft map representating the L11(xU106xP312) zone based on Busby Data base (2011) in Europe.8526