View Full Version : The SK2148 SNP

04-04-2016, 09:59 AM

Where can I find more information about the SK2148 SNP ?

I found it on YSEQ with the following reference: "Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)"

I tried to search for it with no luck.

I need the publication or study that has the information about this SNP.

I appreciate your kind help.

04-05-2016, 12:52 AM
You might try perusing Mark Stoneking's publications from 2014 http://www.eva.mpg.de/genetics/staff/mark-stoneking/publications.html I don't see any where Ryan Wei is a coauthor though. Wei's academia.edu page may be useful too: http://fudan.academia.edu/RyanWei

04-09-2016, 07:01 AM
I appreciate your help.

I found the needed information in this study:

"Human paternal and maternal demographic histories: Insights from high-resolution Y chromosome and mtDNA sequences"

I had a difficult time searching for the name of the SNP "SK2148" in which the study didn't include.

However the location of the SNP and the mutation information is provided. The naming of the SNPs in this study might have been done at a later time after the study.

This link mas the mutation information: ftp://ftp.cephb.fr/hgdp_supp14/