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04-11-2016, 04:00 PM
Hi, I've received the following from DNA Worldwide who put me into the K1a10a haplogroup.

247G 497T 769G 794A 825T 1018G 1189C 1811G 2758G 2885T 3399A 3480G 3594C 4104A 4312C 7256C 7521G 8468C 8655C 8701A 9055A 9540T 9698C 10550G 10688G 10810T 10873T 11299C 11467G 11914G 12083T 12308G 12372A 12705C 13105A 13276A 13506C 13650C 13830C 13973T 14167T 14798C 16048A 16129G 16230A 16278C 16291T

I've put it through http://dna.jameslick.com/ which shows an Imperfect Match with 15 matches, 15 mismatches and 3 extras. Is there anything else I can do with this data, not having the Raw files, so that I can understand a bit more?




Defining Markers for haplogroup K1a10a:
HVR2: 73G 195C 263G 497T
CR: 750G 1189C 1438G 1811G 2706G 3480G 4769G 7028T 8860G 9055A 9698C 10398G 10550G 11299C 11467G 11719A 12308G 12372A 14167T 14766T 14798C 15326G
HVR1: 16048A (16093C) 16224C 16291T 16311C

Marker path from rCRS to haplogroup K1a10a (plus extra markers):
H2a2a1(rCRS) ⇨ 263G ⇨ H2a2a ⇨ 8860G 15326G ⇨ H2a2 ⇨ 750G ⇨ H2a ⇨ 4769G ⇨ H2 ⇨ 1438G ⇨ H ⇨ 2706G 7028T ⇨ HV ⇨ 14766T ⇨ R0 ⇨ 73G 11719A ⇨ R ⇨ 11467G 12308G 12372A ⇨ U ⇨ 1811G ⇨ U2'3'4'7'8'9 ⇨ 9698C ⇨ U8 ⇨ 3480G ⇨ U8b'c ⇨ 9055A 14167T ⇨ U8b ⇨ 10550G 11299C 14798C 16224C 16311C ⇨ K ⇨ 1189C 10398G ⇨ K1 ⇨ 497T (16093C) ⇨ K1a ⇨ 195C ⇨ K1a(T195C) ⇨ 16048A ⇨ K1a10 ⇨ 16291T ⇨ K1a10a ⇨ 794A 13830C 13973T

Imperfect Match. Your results contained differences with this haplogroup:
Matches(15): 497T 1189C 1811G 3480G 9055A 9698C 10550G 11299C 11467G 12308G 12372A 14167T 14798C 16048A 16291T
Mismatches(15): 73A 195T 263A 750A 1438A 2706A 4769A 7028C 8860A 10398A 11719G 14766C 15326A (16093T) 16224T 16311T
Extras(3): 794A 13830C 13973T

J1 DYS388=13
04-11-2016, 08:29 PM
Two things you could do. Ian Logan would probably add your data to his list at http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/sequences_by_group/k1a10_genbank_sequences.htm You can get Ian's e-mail address at http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/

Also, can you tell me where your earliest direct maternal ancestor was from? I keep a map --- https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1SJhElY7wHTScttb3-9143wdTA6Y&usp=sharing

04-12-2016, 04:23 PM
Hi, you sent me a private message, but I couldn't reply, as I didn't have 10 posts. I do now (with this post) but I'll reply here.

My earliest known maternal ancestor was from Shilbottle, near Alnwick, Northumberland. Ann Davison, born 1836.

Thanks, I'll send an email to Ian.