View Full Version : Canada & Russia share weather map

04-12-2016, 11:25 AM
I ran into this very cool map that matches up Canadian cities with Russian ones and their shared weather patterns on a map of Russia!

Unfortunately, they did not have my city as one of the ones used to match (Sault Ste Marie) but a not too bad 'place holder' would be Sudbury, which they say is the same as Penza, Russia.
My city is 3.5 hours north northwest of Sudbury and is a bit colder, but still, kind of fun to see how we share more than just a love for Hockey!

...anyone out there know anything about the Russian city of Penza? I've never heard of it, but then I only know the Russian cities from big historical actions


and the actual map itself...


PS--I followed another link that was similar in nature (but with Canada as the template) and it did have my city on it...it said we matched up with Voronez, Russia...anyone in the forum from there?