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04-15-2016, 12:26 PM
I have found a direct male line relative through genealogical research. The problem is is that he is quite old and does not want to a DNA test. His grandson through his daughter is willing, but obviously will not be a direct Y line.

I assume that some test should show some DNA relationship. The subject's GGGG Grandfather is my GGG Grandfather.

What would be the best test for I to have him take?

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04-15-2016, 01:38 PM
You two major options - each with numerous pros and cons. The atDNA tests (Family Finder, Ancestry.com and 23andme) works great for finding recent cousins to find matches to your lines. The pro of this approach is that it covers all lines. The main disadvantage, it has limits of finding ancestors prior to 1800 to 1850 which is very close to your time frame. atDNA is your only current choice with the resistant elderly man.

Your second choice is YDNA testing which is better if you are really concentrating on this particular male line. You either need to slowly persuade this elderly man to help out (through his descendants which could warm him up to the idea). Another obvious approach is to do a little more traditional genealogy research and find a more willing participant who is another male descendant of the male line of interest.

I have been researching for over 40 years and all my brick walls are before where atDNA can really help. But, with YDNA, it is really hard to research in depth more than 3 or 4 lines using YDNA. atDNA is great for finding relatives if your research has recent brick walls or you are just starting out your research and want to cover all lines. YDNA is by far the best choice for in depth research of one particular line (I just recently discovered a branch under L226 that is my first genealogical YSNP mutation (only Casey's have tested positive to date - plus two other surnames which are almost surely NPEs of Casey men).

Torc Seanathair
04-15-2016, 05:51 PM
AncestryDNA lists 6th-8th cousins, which in some cases indicate common ancestors on my Ancestry tree back to the late or mid 1600's. When they most recently upgraded their match filtering, at least one of my 8th cousin tree matches was removed from my dna matches. I feel confident that it was a real match, though they are very sketchy that far back.