View Full Version : Ancient Roman/Etruscan mtDNA from Frizzone (Lucca)

04-16-2016, 01:08 PM

[The thesis is written in Italian]

Information about samples:

HVRI Polymorphisms:

Here's where the author assigns haplogroups to samples:

04-16-2016, 11:34 PM
I hope the limitation on how many SNPs were tested was the condition of the samples.
The migration of H subclades into Europe is an exciting prospect.
There are quite a few ancient sample results being published with insufficient information to identify subclades.
Hopefully these efforts have initially been restricted by funding, and publication will attract further funding, enough to create further detail. The HV=>H transition could certainly benefit from more information, but it is the history of H subclades that lacks evidence from ancient samples and this will not be helped by testing too few SNPs for differentiation.
Any philanthropists out there?