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04-16-2016, 04:44 PM
I recently got a Family Finder match at FTDNA. The relationship is confirmed as 6th cousins and we have a match on his Y-DNA line. He has also taken a Big-Y :) where he is U106>Z381>Z301>FGC20667.

This means that my ancestor Torkel Jonsen (1732-1803) haplogroup is R1b-FGC20667.

What is known about the R1b-FGC20667 haplogroup?

04-25-2016, 12:49 AM
It was my FGS kit that first uncovered the branch :). From what we know is the obvious and nothing specific. We have one large Scandinavian branch, for which the group he probably belongs to, we have a Scottish branch who all current and suspected testees in that branch share an ancestor approximately 500-700 YBP, and then we have our Northumbrian branch. The main FGC20667 branch doesn't seem to be very omnipresent around Europe at the moment, but further and expansive testing could change that. It seems that is currently confined to Scandinavia and northern Britain in general.