View Full Version : R1b-CTS4466 SNP Pack Updated

04-22-2016, 12:57 AM
For those that don't happen to follow the Yahoo group, Elizabeth has done the leg work to get the CTS4466 SNP Pack updated.

Includes the following SNPs on FTDNA's haplotree:
CTS4466, A745, FGC11145, A150, A802, FGC29067, A804, A2221, BY2880, A923, A1511, A664, BY149, BY2881, A159, A726, A542, FGC29286, FGC29280, A806, Z16252, A1133, S1121, ZS4590, A1333, A2219, A2294, BY2876, Z16259, A155, A156, A89, A88, A474, A153, A154, A2288, A956, A1135, FGC23796, A714, BY140, A151, A541, A212, A663, A2289, BY139, A761, BY2879, A1336, Z16521, Z16254, A7751, S1115, A2290, A2291, A206, A210, A214, A6518, A7699, A7648, A208, A7756, BY3533, BY3534, A6525, A6526, A6527, A6528, BY3535, A152, BY141, BY142, Z17988, A715, A716, A7659, A7657, A7654, A2220, A7755, A5312, A7753, A7754, A2427, Z16258, A2295, Z16255, A1337, A5313, A8748, A2429, A1335, A1338, BY3532, A2428, A5598, Z17989, BY3862, A1334, BY3863, Z16518, Z16519, A6511, A6512, A6513, A9005, BY3536, BY3518, BY3519, A2331, A808, A809, FGC29290, S1129, Z17982, Z17983, A6508, A6509, A6507, A7752, BY3527, BY3528, BY3525, BY3526, A1512, A6464, A2222, A2223, A805, A803, FGC29071, FGC29076, FGC29073, FGC29074, FGC11152, FGC11150

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on FTDNA's haplotree:
BY2878, A7660, A90, FGC29289, A9426, CTS3974, FGC11132, S7942, Z3023, Z3026, Z3027

The redesigned pack incorporates pairs of SNPs in the same block this time around. The intention is to build redundancy into the pack to mitigate a probe not working correctly. We may also get lucky and find some splits this way.

If you took the old version, you really want to contact Elizabeth, Nigel, or myself through the FTDNA projects before retesting this. In many cases it may be more economical to strategically test the new branches rather than reorder the Pack.