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05-02-2016, 05:17 PM
YSEQ Z156 Irish Orientation panel.

What is the research behind this panel? I had purchased a Z156 pack from FTDNA with results of terminal S5512. This SNP was considered a "private" subgroup due to one member having this result. Due to genetic diversity, and two people who tested positive for S5512, this now qualifies to be on the ISOGG tree downstream from S5560,S5556, and S5520. An ISOGG administrator states that they are basically too busy on other projects to address this. I did find two of my SNPs (S5556, S5520 ) by in this Irish orientation panel. Administrators at FTDNA tell me that S5560 is assumed (even though I was not tested for it) as it has been found in others. S5560 is probably another SNP that ISOGG has been too busy to address. My question is , is this called an Irish orientation panel due to origins of mutations? My most distant known ancestor born 1730 is from Ireland , according to family lore.