View Full Version : 5,000-year-old rock shrine discovered in Bulgaria

Jean M
05-03-2016, 12:20 PM

Orlovi Skali - Eagles' Rocks - a beautiful rock formation located near the town of Sarnitsa, in Southern Bulgaria, has been identified as a prehistoric rock shrine from the 4th millennium BCE, i.e. the Chalcolithic (Aeneolithic, Copper Age), after the accidental discovery by a young photographer of huge human faces hewn into the rocks on the northern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains....

Now his discovery has been examined and verified by two archaeologists specializing in Prehistory, and especially in the study of the numerous prehistoric rock shrines in Bulgaria’s mountains, Prof. Ana Raduncheva and Assoc. Prof. Stefanka Ivanova from the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

This report has a lot of photographs. Can you see the faces? I think I spotted one, but could it not be just a natural rock formation?

05-03-2016, 01:50 PM

The Sphinx (Romanian: Sfinxul) is a natural rock formation in the Bucegi Natural Park which is in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania. It is located at an altitude of 2,216 metres (7,270 ft), a 10-minute walk from the Babele.