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05-03-2016, 04:56 PM
The SNP R1b1a2a1a1a M405/S21/U106 is an estimated 3,500 ybp circa 1480 B.C. and found in the geographical regions of Frisia, Benelux, England, Austria, and northern Italy. It’s referred as a Western Germanic SNP and associated with the Germanic tribes. Only way this SNP which is not found with frequency in Ireland is part of the Ross’ is either through a Celt – Germanic tribe like the Belgae ,or the Menapii both recorded in Ireland anciently , or a NPE involving the French Normans, Anglo – Saxons, Danes, or Vikings. The Ross history has had enough of a dubious genealogy and several NPE (Non Paternal Events) that anything is possible.

My ancestor, Farquer Mac in saggart, and his father, Andras O'Beolan, were from the Menapii tribe in Europe and Ireland. The Menapii tribe moved from Ireland into Scotland. The Menapii tribe were Riphathian Celts that were R-U106. In other words, the sons of Riphath, son of Gomer.