View Full Version : Still need testing of Z660 and Z661

08-07-2012, 08:58 PM
The Z660 and Z661 SNPs appear, from a very small number of results so far, to be roughly near Z92 on the haplotree. Either or both may be somewhat upstream (more embracing), downstream (more restrictive), or exactly equivalent to Z92.

The absolute minimum we require to put Z660 and Z661 on the haplotree is proof of their relationship to the existing Z280 subclades: P278.2, L365, L366, and L784. Members of P278.2 and L365 have already ordered the two new SNPs, and a member of L784 promises to do so next week. We still need an L366+ to order one or both of them. The "null hypothesis" is that all four subclades will test negative for both Z660 and Z661--but we shall see.

It would be useful for any Z92+ with an unusual haplotype to test Z660 and/or Z661. If we can find one or two members of Z92+ who test negative for Z660 or Z661, that SNP must then be downstream from Z92.

On the other hand, any Z92- whose haplotype shows some similarity (small genetic distance) to Z92+ haplotypes is encouraged to order one or both of the new SNPs. If we can find one or two Z92- men who test positive for Z660 or Z661, that SNP must then be upstream from Z92.