View Full Version : O'Hare, O'Hir - How do you pronounce it in Irish?

05-17-2016, 04:02 AM
Hi. My last name is O'Hair. My ancestor Michael O'Hair first shows in American/Virginia colony records in 1762. Michael was from County Down, Ireland (at the time it was in Ireland, but now is Northern Ireland). I believe his name was probably originally O'Hare.

It seems like most of the Ulster O'Hare's name's are said to be originally O'Hir, or something like that, my spelling may be off. So how would you pronounce O'Hir in Irish? How would O'Hare be pronounced in Irish now? I know the names are not written in Irish, but angicized.

My name in America is pronounced OH-hair, with the emphasis on the first syllable. I don't believe this is exactly the way it was pronounced in Ireland. I think my surname has been pronounced this way in America for a long time. The pronunciation I just showed is the way my grandfather pronounced it. I suspect at least as far back as his father (born 1845) it was pronounced this way.

Also, just curious. There was, or is an O'Hehir family in County Clare. How would their name be pronounced in Irish?