View Full Version : Could Z2265 be a parent clade of U106?

Wing Genealogist
05-22-2016, 01:05 PM
I am a co-administrator for the R1b-U106 Haplogroup Project. Through Big Y testing, we have found a SNP which is either equivalent to U106, or the parent clade of U106: Z2265 (Build 37 position 13707988 A/T).

I have checked with Alex Williamson (and his project tracing the various branches of P312) and have verified this SNP is not found in P312. This still leaves the possibility that Z2265 is ancestral to U106, and therefor there may be folks who would be positive for this SNP (but negative for U106).

Do you know if anyone is collecting NGS testing results for M269+, P312-, U106- folks to see if Z2265 is found derived in any of them?

05-22-2016, 01:41 PM
At YFull there's a YBrowser accessible to you (as admin of their U106 group) in which you can check the position 13707988; the A and T results show in different colors so it's very obvious which samples have which. For your higher-level question, I think the YBrowse results in the YFull M343 (xP312, xU106) group should be helpful, someone could check the results of 80 such guys in a few seconds. But neither you nor I are admins of that. The listed admins are Joe Bork, Atanas Kumbarov and Dirk Struve. On a broader scale, one of the principals at YFull could search their entire database for that position. I try not to pester them, but when I have done so they have typically been responsive.