View Full Version : Z2534>FGC41891 Thread

06-15-2016, 02:30 PM
I figured I would start a new thread for this branch instead of posting in the Z2534 branches at present thread, my distant Godfrey cousin's FGC Elite results are in at last and I've been able to update my charts and spreadsheets accordingly. He is also sending the results to Greg and Alex so I look forward to their interpretations as well. FTDNA has added this branch to their haplotree and as it is now partially included in a SNP pack I hope to see more growth, particularly in finding some non-Godfrey members to break up the first block. If anyone tests into this subclade via the Z253 SNP pack or Geno 2, I am willing to help contribute towards NGS testing on them. I'm currently showing R-F3590 from my Geno 2 testing, my brother is showing the full R-FGC41890 from his BigY results. Our distant cousin is still at R-FGC41891 from his BigY results as his branch has not yet been added to the FTDNA haplotree. I suppose some day I could test the additional SNPs in my branch for the sake of neatness but it is a low priority right now. I already did the original beta version of the Z253 SNP pack at FTDNA while I was working there. Below is the updated haplotree, let me know if you want a copy of the spreadsheet I keep for this branch. As far as I know, it is still just us Godfreys but that will change eventually.