View Full Version : Intresting distant cousin match?

06-20-2016, 01:29 PM
I have two pages of matches on Ancestry-DNA, which I understand is more than the average from people who are from the same community as me. I match with about 11 people who are from the same community as me, the closest of which (3rd-4th cousin) I probably share multiple lines with and has the same last name as me.

The rest are distant matches. I also match a few Somali's. However, I do not share any of these matches with people who are from the same community as me.

Today I had a distant match pop-up. The last match on the list. She looks to be 1/2 British&irish + a mixture of south-Asian and middle-eastern. What was interesting about this match is that I share this with my closest match (3rd-4th cousin) and 1 other (4th-5th cousin) who is also from the same community as me. I would assume the match is coming from her south-Asian side+middle-eastern side, But most of my matches before this one are fully European or native-american+European, so this is a bit strange.

What is the likelihood of this being a real match? Considering this is a very distant match.

Edit: I just googled her last name. Looks like its of Swahili origin. So I guess she is 1/2 british&irish and 1/2 Swahili, but what is interesting is that Africa Southeastern Bantu is a trace region for her.